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The Aspiring New Leader has featured many smart and interesting individuals whose experience has given us a lot to learn from. In today’s episode, we were lucky enough to bring together Katie White, Kyle Davidson, and Jacob Roddis to join in a panel discussion and share their insights on the question: CEO vs Aspiring Leader, Who’s Right?
The panel offers different perspectives from different levels of the business. Kyle, who joined us in episodes 003 and 004, shares her experience from a non-management position. Katie, whom you will remember from episode 002, will offer her insights as a new manager with just over 2 years of experience. Jacob has over 10 years of extensive experience in various functions – 8 years from human resources and 3 years from various operations positions.
In this episode, we hope that you will be entertained with our little debate to find out who is right – the CEO or aspiring new leaders.

If you’re a leader and you think you know everything, then, you’re never going to improve as a leader.

On Today’s Episode of the Aspiring New Leader:

Direct Supervisor vs CEO. A supervisor’s role usually has more impact towards their subordinate than that of a CEO. While the CEO steers the company towards its vision, the supervisor is more in charge of providing direction and coaching towards their team.
Bad boss vs Good boss. Although the definition of a “bad boss” or “leadership” varies with each person, many people feel that there are more bad bosses than good bosses. The group agreed that bad bosses are those who think more about themselves and is therefore unable to engage or develop their employees.
Good employees vs Bad employees. There are numerous management theories that encourage leaders to invest more time in high-performers over low fliers. Although this may be considered “playing favorites”, the panel agrees that it is good to recognize a good employee regularly and provide them with adequate praise to motivate them to do even better.
Do not take credit for everything. A true leader will acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of each person in his/her team rather than claiming all the credit for him/herself alone.
Schmooze or Lose. It’s acceptable to be nice to everyone if you’re genuine and honest. It becomes wrong when you resort to lying or wrong practices just to impress someone.

Tips for Aspiring New Leaders:

Kyle: Remain humble. You need to develop a good sense of self-awareness. You need to be aware of your points for improvement so you can push yourself to be better.
Jacob: You don’t become a leader and just stay stagnant. You need to learn to adapt to change and evolve with the people around you. A true leader is one who devotes him/herself to continuous improvement.
Katie: Be accessible, with limits. Your team needs to know that they can rely on you and you need to be available to them, when necessary.
Dan: You cannot be successful unless you hit your targets.

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