Author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution and host of The Primal Blueprint podcast, Elle Russ, joins me today to discuss thyroid health. Through her own health journey and discoveries, she brings a wealth of information to the show. Starting off her career in sketch comedy, she discusses her acting journey and even does an impression or two.

Suffering from thyroid issues for many years, she describes her difficult journey and how she came to author a book on thyroid health.

If you suffer from thyroid issues or just want to learn more, Elle is the expert resource when its comes to thyroid health.
Intro 3:00
Owen Wilson impression 12:58
How she met Mark Sisson 15:22
Her thyroid journey 19:00
What is the function of the thyroid? 23:00
Thyroid statistics 25:30
Women vs. men 32:00
The Paleo Solution 34:00
Recommendations 39:35
Supplements 43:40

To learn more about Elle go to elleruss.com
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