Lauren and Fraser Bayley used to be traditional personal trainers in big box gyms and private training studios. The pair now follow a vegan lifestyle while still maintaining awesome training routines and running their online coaching business that focuses on helping people make transformations through a plant based diet.

In today’s episode, we talk about novel approaches to following a Vegan lifestyle. Is it for you?

1:00     Farmers market and beer and hot dogs and brats

4:30     Introductions of Lauren and Fraser

7:00     Butcher to Vegan

10:00   Meeting on Facebook?

11:00   Raw vs. non-raw vegans

12:00   What foods you can’t eat

12:30   How do you get your protein?

17:00   A vegan ketogenic diet

18:00   Benefits of being a vegan

21:00   Strength as a vegan?

24:45   Options to keep insulin low

27:00   Are pop tarts vegan? Junk food vegans?

31:30   Disadvantages to being vegan

33:20   Variety in foods, boring or not?

36:30   Typical day of vegan eating

39:00   Pregnant and vegan

42:15   Top tips to becoming a vegan

44:00   Focus on addition

45:00   How to get ahold of Lauren & Fraser


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