health-fitness-nutrition-weight-loss-fasting-keto-low-carbFor over 20 years, Stephanie Dalfonzo has been at the forefront of the Healing Arts. Stephanie is a Speaker, Intuitive Women’s Leadership Coach, Certified Hypnotist and Yoga Teacher (among other things).
Stephanie has a passion for inspiring and empowering women through simple action steps that can make lasting change possible.
She has mastered a variety of holistic techniques including:
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)/Tapping Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Knowing that one thing doesn’t work for everyone, this range of holistic approaches allows her to find the right solution for each individual.

0:30 A total solar eclipse with my son
2:00 40 hours into a fast smelling pizza, bbq, hot dogs and everything else
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4:30 Radio DJ to Healing Arts?
10:00 Stress – why stress is bad for you
13:30 Do you even know if you are stressed?
15:30 Meditation, a minute a day?
18:40 Hypnosis, is it only for Vegas?
26:45 Meditation and mindfulness
29:45 Easiest way to get started with mindfulness – breath techniques
32:30 Breath to sleep better
35:30 Remembering to breathe throughout the day
37:00 Square (or box) breathing to pattern interrupt
40:30 Yoga – it’s not just about the downward dog
46:00 Top tip – just start
48:30 Connect with Stephanie