Sarah Bowen Shea, along with Dimity McDowell, is co-founder of Another Mother Runner, an on-line and in-person community for women runners. Sarah and Dimity launched their brand with the publication of their first of three books, entitled Run Like a Mother: How to Get Moving—And Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity. Sarah hosts the Another Mother Runner podcast and manages the company’s e-commerce site, the Mother Runner Store. A mom of three kids, Sarah lives in Portland, Oregon, where she’s training for her 14th marathon. She’s qualified for, and run, the Boston Marathon twice.

04:00 Introduction of Sarah
07:45 Why marathons?
10:50 Typical day of running
11:30 How do you train for a marathon?
14:00 Qualifying and preparing for the Boston Marathon
18:20 How long does it take to run a marathon?
20:00 Confident and competent
21:00 Personal tidbits
23:30 Peppy, peppy music?
26:30 Another Mother Runner
29:30 How to sell at an expo
30:00 Three books now, impressive
31:50 Another Mother Runner podcast
34:45 “Train Like a Mother” & “Bad Ass” is a bit salty
36:15 A few tips for mom (and others) to start running
38:15 Making the time and committing to yourself
29:20 Connect with Sara

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