Dr. Stickler is the visionary pioneer behind the human potential medicine movement, a shift away from the disease model to limitless peak performance in all aspects of life. A physician to high-performing entrepreneurs who want to optimize their superhuman capabilities, he’s also an author, speaker, blogger and host of the weekly internet radio show/podcast, the Ironman Executive.

Dr. Stickler is an expert in the use of genetics and epigenetics in clinical practice and trains health care clinicians from all over the world in interpretation of genomic data for optimizing human potential. His one-on-one and group educational programs at the Apeiron Academy are highly acclaimed and sought after by many entering the exciting new field of precision medicine. Dr. Stickler works personally with each client to find his or her hidden potential. He develops personalized human potential optimization plans based on the individual blueprint of DNA combined with quality of life factors and the seven foundational aspects of health. His unique approach is highly effective and results in transformation.

0:45     Group Health Coaching kickoff (contact dan@thelowcarbleader.com for more details)

2:00     The Low Carb Leader Podcast growing

4:00     Introduction of Dr. Dan

8:15     Walking away from a 7 figure business to pursue your passion

12:00   Apeiron Academy and Clinic

16:00   Mutations vs. Adaptations

19:00   Adapting your environment to your genetic profile

21:00   Exercise, Meditation, and Food changing gene expression

23:00   Systems approach

27:00   Precision wellness health coaching

34:00   The most surprising aspect of genetics

35:30   We control our destiny

36:45   A few tips to create positive gene expression

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