Miriam Kalamian is a nutrition professional specializing in the use of the Ketogenic Diet for cancer and other metabolic diseases. She holds a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition from Eastern Michigan University.

Her passion for helping others implement this diet comes directly from my personal experience. Her son Raffi was diagnosed with a brain tumor in December of 2004. Standard of care therapies failed to stop the relentless progression of his disease and it became painfully clear that we needed to switch gears quickly. An Internet search led her to Dr. Thomas Seyfried’s research supporting the use of the Restricted Ketogenic Diet for cancer.

0:30     October is Keto Month

2:45     Introduction of Miriam

5:00     Brain cancer and ketogenic diet discovery

7:00     Epilepsy and the ketogenic diet

10:00   Why isn’t the ketogenic diet offered? Is it too hard?

12:00   Diabetes and the ketogenic diet

14:00   Keto pathways and cancer. Does diet matter?

18:00   Can you starve cancer?

22:00   Keto and Intermittent fasting

23:00   Keto sensitizes cancer cells to chemo/radiation or alternative cancer treatments

26:00   Take responsibility

28:00   What should you feed your kids?

30:15   Tips for adults – nutritional ketosis

31:15   Exogenous ketones – are you flushing your money down the toilet?

34:15   Why you should fast when you’re in ketosis

35:50   Miriam’s book, “Keto for Cancer”

37:00   A reason for HOPE

40:15   Connect with Mariam/TedTalk

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