Brianna Stubbs is a British rower and research scientist who won two gold medals for Great Britain at the 2013 and 2016 World Rowing Championships. She was the youngest person to row across the English Channel when she completed the feat in 2004, at the age of 12. Her research is focused on the metabolism of ketones.

2:00     Introduction of Dr. Brianna

8:30     Why the study of ketones?

10:30   The history and evolution of exogenous ketones (EK)

15:15   EK for high performance athletes

17:15   Lean muscle retention and appetite suppression

18:00   Demystifying ketones, ketosis and fat burning

20:00   Can EK stop fat burning?

23:30   Support for EK and weight loss?

25:30   Brain function and EKs

27:00   Funding and conflicts

29:00   Evidence for EK for high performing athletes

33:30   Clinical evidence for EK

35:45   The cost of EK

38:00   Calories from ketones instead of sugar

39:30   More about Dr. Brianna

twitter: @briannastubbs