Two entrepreneurs with a love of Keto. What do you get?
Keto Kookie

Today I talk with co-founders of Keto Kookie, Victor Macias and Kristoffer Quiaoit about their ketogenic journey and business.

Kristoffer: An educator, foodie, and Keto convert, I discovered the Ketogenic or low carb high fat lifestyle listening to a Tim Ferriss podcast featuring a neuroscientist named Dom D’Agostino. Fat is good? No way. It can reduce body fat, improve mental clarity, reduce inflammation, help with diabetes? Impossible. Well, it wouldn’t hurt to try. After gaining 6lbs after my honeymoon, I gave Keto a shot and lost 8lbs in 2 weeks. It even helped me play basketball with less soreness and more energy. Excited about the results, I convinced my friend Victor, founder of Male Standard, to give it a shot.

Victor: I started Keto, gave up coffee, and eventually found myself with more energy than before. We both loved that we can grab a protein style cheeseburger with mayo and feel proud. One thing was missing, however: DESSERT, SNACKS, SWEETS. We had sweet cravings and missed snacks we could just grab out of the pantry.

02:30 Introduction of Victor and Kristoffer
07:30 Starting a keto business
08:30 Two non bakers start a keto kookie business
14:15 Why gratitude is important
14:45 Keto Kookie
18:45 7 days of keto Kookies only – the learnings
23:00 Crowdfunding campaign
24:00 100,000 hand scooped kookies per month
26:00 Connecting with Victor & Kristoffer
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