042 – Evolution & Epigenetics with Perry Marshall, Part 1

fitness-nutrition-health-coach-weight-lossPerry Marshall is an author, speaker, engineer, and world-renowned business consultant with 10-years of evolution and epigenetics research. He joined me on the show today to bring a fresh perspective to the 150-year-old debate on evolution.

In the Beginning

Perry graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Perry started his career in acoustical engineering with an electrical engineering degree. After graduating being laid off from his position, he took his career journey in a very different direction – sales and marketing – where he discovered the world of direct marketing. He founded a marketing consultant company and published his first book: Industrial Ethernet: A Pocket Guide. Over the course of the next 10 years, he has published numerous books including 80/20 Sales & Marketing, The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising, and, more recently, Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design.
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041 – Success Stories, Volume 2

Welcome back to The Low Carb Leader podcast! This week’s episode of our Success Stories series is all about Dan Quibell, founder of The Bacon Experiment.

As a child, Dan turned to food to cope with the emotional stress of his parents’ divorce. As he got older, he began having problems with losing weight and keeping the weight off. By the time he was 14-years-old, he was diagnosed with a painful condition called Gout, a form of arthritis that causes pain, stiffness, and swelling in a joint. Gout is often linked to being overweight or obese and is caused by having too much uric acid in the blood.
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040 – Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the low Fodmap diet with Suzanne Perazzini

nutrition-fitness-weight-loss-health-coach-leaderIrritable Bowel Syndrome is a gastrointestinal disorder that affects about 10-15% of people worldwide. Some of the most common symptoms of IBS is bloating, feelings of excess gas, diarrhea, or constipation – or a combination of both – and abdominal cramps and pain.

While scientists and researchers are still unsure of the exact causes of IBS, many believe that it is due to – or triggered by – one or more of the following:

Hereditary; genetic pre-disposition
Elevated stress levels
Infections of the gastrointestinal tract
Abdominal surgery
Too many antibiotics – or taking antibiotics for too long
Dramatic changes in diet
Many people suffering from IBS experience significant, prolonged discomfort – and it’s often severe enough for them to miss work and spend less time with their friends.

Suzanne Perazzini is a nutritional therapist, coach, and an IBS liberator who has suffered from digestive issues all her life. She is also the author of The Inspired Life: Low FODMAP Coaching Program and the author of two Low FODMAP cookbooks. She started her journey into the Low FODMAP lifestyle through blogging, researching, and experimenting with ways that would help her address her chronic digestive problem. Her journey led her on her mission to help other IBS sufferers learn how to manage and treat their chronic digestive problems by using the Low FODMAP diet.
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039- Success Stories, Volume 1

Welcome to Volume 1 of Success Stories on The Low Carb Leader podcast! If you follow us on Facebook, you might have seen our recent request for you to share your fitness and keto success stories with us on the show

Nora’s Keto Journey

Our first success story guest is Nora, a nurse whose health journey initially began in 2015 by looking for a healthy way to lose weight and prepare for a physique contest. Her daughters, who were training to compete in a bikini physique contest, introduced her to their fitness and nutrition coach. After working with this coach for some time, Nora lost over 30 pounds and transform her body from a size 16 to a size 6 as well as stop taking her blood pressure medication.

Losing Sight of the End Goal

As things often do, one thing led to another and after attending her daughters’ celebratory dinner following their show, Nora began losing sight of her health and fitness goals. By 2016, she had gained more weight than she had when she originally started and had to start taking her blood pressure medicine again.
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038 – Getting to know Jimmy Moore (and keto talk too), Part 2

health-coach-wellnessIn Part 1 of the series, Jimmy talked about his amazing weight loss story, the many challenges he faced and surprising inspirations he got, as well as the many advances in a low-carb lifestyle.

Today, Jimmy shares all about his tips on getting started on a ketogenic lifestyle, the measurements and numbers that matter, and how Jimmy’s life changed since adapting to a low-carb diet.

“We all have different shoe sizes. Why don’t we all have different diets that are right for us?” – Jimmy Moore
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037 – Hot Topics, Volume 6 (with Maria Emmerich)

In the last episode, Maria Emmerich explained the link between magnesium deficiency and chocolate cravings, the transition time from sugar burner to fat burner, and gave her expert tips and analogies regarding eating schedules and the use of exogenous ketones.

Today, we discuss gluten, dairy, and soy. Maria shares her opinions on fruits and sweet potatoes, the makeup products she recommends, and the link between hypertension and magnesium.
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036 – Hot Topics, Volume 5 (with Maria Emmerich)

In the last episode, low-carb and ketogenic diet promoter Maria Emmerich shared her views regarding the ketogenic diet, her take on bone broth and fasting, crock pot recipes, and why healthy fibers aren’t really all that healthy. She even touched on the fact that babies are actually in a state of ketosis!

Today, Maria talks about chocolate cravings, exogenous ketones, fasting, the why of ketosis, and the cost of eating.
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035 – Hot Topics, Volume 4 (with Maria Emmerich)

Maria Emmerich is the author of several books in the realm of low-carb and ketogenic diets. Despite being active in sports as a child, she was always on the heavy side of the scale. At the time, she thought nothing of it, thinking perhaps that’s just how she was supposed to look like. She then studied science and nutrition which resulted to her questioning the American diet we’re all so familiar with. She has since strived to spread what she learned through authoring books and multiple interviews with experts across the internet.

Today, Maria talks about the ketogenic diet, her take on true fasting, why she likes to cook with crock pots, and the link between estrogenic foods and fiber.
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034 – Getting to know Jimmy Moore (and keto talk too), Part 1

nutrition-weight-loss-health-coachJimmy Moore is one of the most hardworking nutrition experts today. He’s able to balance maintaining multiple websites, writing books, and hosting podcasts and still have enough time for his family. Before all this, Jimmy was far from what anyone would consider a nutrition expert. He weighed over 400 lbs. and didn’t care about what he ate as long as it filled him up and tasted good.

Jimmy tried a lot of fad diets that only made his life miserable. It wasn’t until his mother-in-law gave him Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution in January 2004 that he began to fully grasp the idea of what was keeping him from losing weight. He has since become one of the most popular names in the low-carb diet industry.

Today, Jimmy tells us his story, his many challenges, the events in his life that made him want to change, and the many advances in the ketogenic diet.
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033 – Tapping & EFT with Brad Yates

weight-loss-nutrition-health-coach-fitnessBrad Yates is a hypnotherapist, a Hollywood actor, and author of popular children’s books. He promotes the idea of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a form of hypnotherapy that makes use of tapping into one’s energy points. Despite being an actor, he took up hypnotherapy as a backup career for his family. Little did he know that he would find hypnotherapy as his true calling.
Today, Brad talks about the principles of EFT, its brief history, and the uses of tapping in our daily lives
“Self-sabotage is simply misguided self-love.” – Brad Yates
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