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Daniel Perryman is a martial artist, physique competitor, fitness and nutrition enthusiast and host of The Low Carb Leader podcast. With over 20 years of hospital executive leadership experience, Dan brings a unique perspective to the health and fitness world. He is a hospital CEO who believes that a low carb nutritional approach can transform the healthcare system. Spending the last 20 years in hospitals, he has seen the devastating effects of chronic health conditions on society and his goal is keep people out of the very hospital he leads.

At 49 years old, Dan believes that his generation is at a real crossroads when it comes to health and wellness; he contends that decisions being made today are determining long-term health and
prosperity or sickness and disease. Dan’s hope is to influence and educate as many people as possible to choose the better path. He is currently writing a book that focuses on health and wellness at 50 and
he plans to publish it on his 50th birthday in December 2017.

Dan is currently the President and CEO of a hospital in Illinois, father of 3, and was once the youngest black belt in Iowa at the age of 11.

Speaking topics

  • How Keto can Transform Healthcare
  • Mindset First
  • The Reality of Turning 50


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