If you want to be a successful leader, or even just be a successful person, you have to establish routines to help set you up for success. The most successful people have established morning routines that they follow consistently. Getting a good start to the morning can change the entire course of day. Here are some of the morning habits of highly successful people that you can incorporate into your own mornings.


They Wake Up Early

The most successful people don’t waste the morning hitting snooze. In fact, many of the world’s most powerful people are out of bed before 6 a.m. on weekdays. They take advantage of the morning to get things done. You don’t have to dive right into work, but you don’t want to waste them watching Netflix or looking at memes. You can read a book, catch up on the news or do laundry—just use those hours productively to set a good tone for the day.


They Exercise

Yes, it’s tough to leave your warm, cozy bed for the gym, but getting your exercise done first thing in the morning has a multitude of benefits. If you don’t have any other obligations first thing in the morning, there are no excuses to put exercising off until later. You get both your body and your mind warmed up for the day. Exercise reduces stress levels and helps you think more clearly. Plus, you’ve already accomplished something before even setting foot in the office. You don’t have to do a 10-mile run or go to Crossfit. Some gentle yoga or a brisk walk will do.


They Eat Breakfast

You cannot run a company or a country on an empty stomach. Successful people know that eating a healthy breakfast will keep them running through a busy day, especially if they’ll be eating a late or rushed lunch. They don’t eat power bars, either. They make a filling meal with protein and whole grains to keep them full. Then they sit down at a table and eat. No rushing through this meal.


They Don’t Waste Time

Successful people don’t waste time. They need that time to do other things. Instead of spending an hour getting ready, choosing an outfit and packing for the day, they have a streamlined routine. They know exactly what to do in the least amount of time. They also probably already checked the weather, picked an outfit and packed a bag the night before to save themselves some stress in the morning.


They Practice Mindfulness

Successful people often live busy, hectic and even chaotic lives. They’re running from home to work to the gym to the PTA meeting. They have a lot on their plates. The ones who do this gracefully take time each day to center themselves. They take the time to breathe, meditate and focus on the bigger picture. Many even take time to write down the things that they’re grateful for to get their hearts and minds in the right place.